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McCrometer is a leading global flow instrumentation specialist. We specialize in the design, manufacture, installation and testing of flow metering solutions. Instrument, process, facility and consulting engineers worldwide have confidently chosen McCrometer’s flow meters for 60 years.


V-Cone® Flow Meter


Built-In flow condition design ideal for use in tight-fit and retrofit installations.

V-Cone® flow meter is designed to satisfy some of today’s most challenging applications and operate in some of the harshest environments. This advanced differential pressure-type (DP) flow meter offers high accuracy and repeatability, wide rangeability, flexible installation, and little to no maintenance for the widest range of fluids.


Propeller Meters™

The classic meter for clean water flows.

Propeller Meters™ are designed and manufactured with precise techniques and high-quality components to deliver superior performance, low maintenance, and unsurpassed durability. They offer the latest in technology and simplicity of design and are perfect for measuring clean water flows.


FPI Mag® and SPI Mag™ Flow Meters


A new approach to accurate water flow measurement.

FPI Mag® (Full Profile Insertion) and SPI Mag™ (Single Point Insertion) flow meters offer the ease of hot tap installation in a full profile and single point solution for a variety of applications within the municipal and industrial marketplace. These electromagnetic insertion flow meters install without interrupting service. The FPI Mag is the only insertion flow meter with multiple electrodes across the pipe diameter delivering an accurate measurement of the full profile. The SPI Mag is an economical choice for clean and dirty water applications with solids and can be easily re-located to various line sizes


VM V-Cone System


Measurement simplified.

VM V-Cone is a flow meter specifically designed to save space by reducing the need for upstream and downstream straight pipe runs in water applications. Ready to install out of the box, the VM V-Cone allows you to accurately measure flow in no time. And with no recalibration and easy installation, the VM V-Cone helps keep operating costs down.


Ultra Mag® Flow Meter


Electromagnetic flanged flow meter with minimal straight-run requirements.

Ultra Mag® is an advanced electromagnetic flow meter designed specifically to meet the needs of the water and wastewater industry. With innovative features, such as the UltraLiner™ fusion bonded epoxy liner and a state-of-the-art microprocessor, it delivers exceptional accuracy, reliability, rangeability, and durability, even in harsh environments.


Mc Mag3000™


Designed to handle the toughest flow challenges.

Mc Mag3000™ provides growers and irrigators with a new alternative for flow measurement. With a guaranteed 5-year battery life and saddle mount design, the Mc Mag3000 delivers the dependability and ease-of-installation McCrometer has provided to the agricultural market for nearly 60 years. The electromagnetic sensor offers +/-1% accuracy while being designed to naturally shed debris. It is available in common ag irrigation line sizes ranging from 4 to 12-inch diameter pipe and is telemetry ready for remote meter reading.


Wafer-Cone® Flow Meter


Economical: No maintenance gas and liquid measurement solution.

Wafer-Cone® flow meter, with its unique design element, can be machined in different materials, including corrosion-resistant plastics and metals. It uses the same revolutionary principles found in the V-Cone and is an ideal solution for difficult installations or situations where long-term reliability is a must.


Mc® Propeller


Economical and versatile water flow measurement.

Mc® Propeller line of flow meters offers economical, dependable solutions for the widest range of water management applications. Designed to operate in corrosive and erosive environments, these flow meters can handle turbulent flows and fluids containing debris, suspended solids, and other contaminants with superior accuracy.


CONNECT® Wireless Monitoring


Real-time, industrial-strength crop data and tools at your fingertips.

CONNECT® Wireless Monitoring for irrigation management. McCrometer CONNECT offers the widest selection of technologies and turn-key solutions available on the market today. By partnering with the best in the business, we can deliver high quality, local service and support. The combined product offerings brought to you with McCrometer CONNECT provide a broad system and sensor portfolio, including cellular, satellite and radio systems.

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